Verilog Golden Reference Guide

Verilog Golden Reference Guide

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Updated to be in line with IEEE std 1364-2001.

Packed with practical advice distilled from years of experience teaching HDL courses, these books are designed for the experienced design engineer. They are not intended as replacements for the official IEEE Language Reference Manuals, and do not offer a complete, formal description of the languages. Rather, they offer answers to the questions most often asked during practical application of the respective languages, in a convenient reference format.

A brief introduction to Verilog
Syntax summary
Alphabetical reference
Compiler directives
System tasks and functions
Command line operations
Number of pages: 198

As with all Doulos Golden Reference Guides, the GRG alone is not sufficient to learn the language or methodology, for which formal training classes are recommended (such as the Doulos Comprehensive Verilog training course)